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  • Hello and welcome to Truck Driver Forum. We are a fan-made community for the upcoming console and PC game, Truck Driver. Join us to discuss everything to do with the first trucking simulator to arrive on console, share screenshots with other passionate fans and share your ideas for the game.

    This community site & forum was created as a way for fans of Truck Driver to have one central location for everything related to the upcoming trucking simulator. As we grow, we will look at bringing in various new features including the ability to easily share screenshots, videos, streams and modifications for the PC version of the game.

    Whilst we do not want to be extremely restrictive, we ask that you follow the below rules to ensure that the community is open and a place where everyone can have a good time. Failure to do so may result in a temporary or permanent ban from the community.

    Community Guidelines & Rules

    • The community language is English so please ensure all content posted/shared is in English.
    • Treat other community members with the respect that they deserve.
    • Please do not spam (irrelevant posts, advertisements outside of permitted areas etc.). All spam content will be removed and users may be banned if the issue persists.
    • Please do not insult, flame or attack other users and staff members.
    • Content that is related to hacking and/or illegal activities will be not be allowed to be shared. This also applies to any inappropriate content as we are not an adult or general discussion forum.

    As ever, if you have any questions or issues, do not hesitate to get in touch with me.


    The 'Truck Driver Forum' Team

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