Everything We Learnt From The First Truck Driver Live Stream

Fans of the upcoming Truck Driver game were treated to a special 1.5 hour live stream from the publisher SOEDESCO and we learnt quite a bit about the game. For gamers that might have missed the stream or missed certain information, here’s everything that we noticed from the first Truck Driver Live Stream.

And if you missed the chance to watch the live stream, you can do so right here - Truck Driver Gameplay Stream


When you first begin your Truck Driver journey, you will be given the choice of four characters that will include two male and two female choices. There are no plans to include customisation for these characters at the moment.


Story / Trucking Simulator

Don’t expect Truck Driver to just be a bland game where you spend most of your time driving from point A to B. The game is story-driven and looks to provide a meaningful experience where you will meet a variety of characters as you explore the world around you.

SOEDESCO also want to ensure that fans have a realistic expectation from the game. Truck Driver as a game is not a simulator that is looking to be a realistic truck driving game. The focus of the game is more on the story side where the characters and objectives are important.

In simple terms, it’s more about the career of a truck driver.

As you complete story missions, you will unlock the ability to complete random hauls that won’t be related to the story. These hauls will give you a random haul to a random delivery point. This will be important once you complete the story as story missions will not be repeatable.

As you complete the story, the buildings and businesses you work for will be built and get bigger. For example, the more missions you complete for Charlie Dover, the more ships that will be visible and you will see their business expand.

Driving / Environment

The game features a day and night cycle alongside a weather system that will feature rain, fog, clear sunny conditions and cloud cover. There are no plans to add snow to the game. The weather is completely random and cannot be set by the player.


You will of course be required to refuel your truck from time to time. This can be done at any petrol station and simply requires you to hold the Y button (Triangle for PS4). Money from your balance will automatically be removed.

If you don’t sleep and your stamina meter is completely drained, you will fail your mission (if you’re on one) and will be moved to a sleeping area. You will also need to sleep for much longer – 8 hours rather than the usual 4 hours.

You can sustain damage from hitting other vehicles and the environment around you. When in an accident, other cars will put their blinkers on and simply remain there for a while. However, they will simply de-spawn after a while to ensure that you won’t be stuck (if you can’t get past them).

Traffic / AI

One thing that we noticed throughout the stream was that there was a real lack of traffic. It was mentioned that traffic density can depend on different locations and the time of day but the level of traffic did not increase at any point. This is somewhat due to console limitations but it will be a real shame if it’s the same at launch.

The same can be said for the amount of people that are walking around in the villages. It leads to a somewhat empty feeling in the world which is a real shame.

The traffic lights in-game change very quickly so you may have to pay attention. Personally, we would love it if duration of a red or green light was increased slightly to make it more realistic.

We would also love to see a bit of a variety of AI vehicles. At the moment, there aren’t any other trucks that you will see driving around.

DLC & Expansions

SOEDESCO are remaining tight lipped regarding expansions to the game. The simple message right now is that it will solely depend on how much we (as fans of the game) love the game and how well it does at launch (sales etc.). This will be somewhat important to the future of the game as the map is somewhat small right now.


Different trucks will be unlocked as you progress through the game and complete missions. Each truck will have different statistics and will have options for automatic & manual (instead of simply being a setting choice).

Customisations include: colours (you can have different colours for different parts of the truck), engines (affect performance and stats), bumper design, ability to have a small/bigger cabin with a sleeping section, back fenders, sunscreen, mirror types, wind deflectors, sideskirts and mud guards.

Additional lights that you add onto your truck as customisations will work and can be turned on.

American Trucks are something that a lot of fans would love. Unfortunately, American trucks are too big for some European. Certain brands can fit on European roads so it may be possible in the future.

At no point will your truck malfunction whilst driving it. However, if you keep damaging it, it will break down.

Double trailers are currently not planned for the game as they are not allowed in most parts of Europe. Oversized loads that require special escorts are also not planned for the game at the moment.



Skills are sort of in-game achievements that will help you to unlock certain things as you drive around the world. For example, driving a particular brand of truck will unlock the Green Mango colour option.



Passives are similar to bonuses that need to be unlocked. The XP that you earn as you complete missions can be used to unlock passives that will provide you with a bonus. For example, a 1% bonus on XP earned. You can then upgrade that particular passive to improve the bonus.

Controls / Steering Wheel

It wouldn’t have been a Truck Driver stream without SOEDESCO being inundated with questions about steering wheel support. All that they can tell us right now is that it’s something they want to be available from launch. Specific brands for wheels that will be supported cannot be confirmed right now but there definitely will be an announcement before

the game launch.

For console gamers using a controller, RB will open up the control wheel which will provide you with options to turn on your lights, turn signals, turn your engine on & off and even turn cruise control on.


You won’t be limited to the control wheel though as the D Pad will allow you to do certain actions as well (left and right for turn signals, down for turning your engine on/off and up for cruise control).

PC gamers will most likely be able to remap controls. However, console gamers won’t be able to do this.


Gamers will have the chance to select from three different graphics options in the settings menu. You can choose to either favour resolution, favour graphics or favour performance to ensure your Truck Driver experience is perfect for you.

You can also choose to enable HUD mirrors when you are in the cabin or in third person view so that you don’t have to move your camera to view the mirrors.

Modification Support

There will not be any mod support at launch, for both PC and console.


There won’t be any loading screens in the game as you progress from areas and missions. There will of course be a loading screen when you want to enter the garage.

There won’t be an in-game radio. You will simply have to use the native Spotify apps on your gaming platform to listen to music.

PlayStation users will most likely also get a 10% pre-order bonus like Xbox One gamers. PlayStation users from the United States will also get a theme (no confirmation about other countries).

The game will be around 4GB (filesize) with the game currently available to preload on Xbox One so that you can play right away when the game is released on the 19th of September.

The PC launch is after the console release due to the developers wanting to work on it as there is a little bit more than can be done as they aren’t limited by console capacity/performance.

As you explore the world of Truck Driver, you may come across a couple of easter eggs, some of which SOEDESCO don’t even know about!

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